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National Vegetarian Week

This year, National Vegetarian Week runs from 20th – 26th May and is a great opportunity for caterers to showcase their existing vegetarian offering or try some new recipes.

It is estimated that there are 1.2 million vegetarians across the UK and recent research indicates that the trend for meat-free eating is expected to grow. According to Mintel, the meat-free and free-from food markets were valued at £949 million for 2012[1]. This demonstrates how important it is for caterers to offer a variety of vegetarian dishes.

Our top vegetarian recipes…

This recipe uses Bisto Vegetable Bouillion and can be adapted by using various types of cheese and vegetables.

Using Sharwood’s Medium Egg Noodles and Chow Mein & Chinese Mushroom Sauce brings vegetables alive in this tasty stir fry.

This dish makes a great vegetarian accompaniment to a range of meals, or can be served with rice for a main course.

Using McDougall’s Soft Bap Mix to create the base, this pizza can be topped with a variety of vegetables and makes an ideal handheld snack for consumers on the go.

Advice to make the most of National Vegetarian Week

  • Pre-sell well: advertise your offering and make sure your menu descriptors are enticing.
  • Use menu’s and menu boards where you can: it is simple, but still one of the most effective ways to draw immediate attention to a promotion.
  • Use the brand effectively: communicating branded products at point of purchase will help drive sales. Bisto is the current number one gravy; if you are using Bisto Vegetable gravy then make sure you shout about this on your menus to drive sales.
  • Use accompaniments to ‘upsell’ the meal experience: small additions to the meal can significantly support incremental sales, such as selling extra gravy as a side with main courses.
  • Don’t forget that people like old favourites: you can create new and exciting dishes but don’t forget people like the favourites, such as casseroles and savoury pies.
  • Save time wherever you can: All our brands are easy and quick to master, great tasting and consistent time after time. Get involved in National Vegetarian Week this year by taking advantage of our quality brands to create the perfect offering.

For more recipe information, click here.

[1]Mintel ‘Meat-Free Foods’ UK Report 2012