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Dysphagia in the Social Care & Healthcare Sectors

At Premier Foods, we strive to offer caterers the best advice and inspiration possible, which is one of the reasons why we have created a supportive brochure for those caring and catering for people who suffer with dysphagia and need inspiration when creating texture modified meals.

Dysphagia is reported to affect approximately 60 – 70% of people in care homes and 22% of the world population over the age of 50. Ensuring that people with dysphagia have nutritious, appetising and safe meals is essential, both in terms of maintaining an individual’s well-being and quality of life.

Our brochure details the Dysphagia Diet Food Descriptors and is a handy tool for caterers to use to improve the variety of flavours when serving texture modified meals. It includes a selection of recipes to inspire caterers and details the descriptors.

To download the brochure, please click here.