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Premier Foods offers caterers the best of both bread worlds with new Hovis® Best of Both® Mix

Premier Foods is launching a category first with its new Hovis® Best of Both® Mix for the foodservice channel, helping caterers to offer a solution for diners who enjoy the taste of white bread, but with the benefits of twice the wheatgerm of wholemeal.

Available to order now, the new product contains a combination of wheat white flour and wholemeal flour, and produces a product which is rich in calcium and a source of fibre. Although some caterers may turn to ready-made breads to cope with the time constraints faced in the kitchen, it is far more cost-effective to prepare baked goods using flour based mixes.

“Earlier this year, we conducted research looking ahead to 2016 menu trends in which we found consumers on the lookout for perceived healthier and lighter dishes[1]. Our new Hovis® Best of Both® Mix will help cater for this demand, whether caterers are serving a comprehensive bread basket or a range of fresh sandwiches. As a business, we are committed to updating our product portfolio to suit the developing needs of our customers.”

Following the developments to school food regulations in 2015, schools are required to provide more wholemeal varieties of starchy foods on their menus. Hovis® Best of Both® is not only suitable for schools in line with this guidance, but it also gives children the taste that they are used to and provides goodness in their daily diet.

The new Hovis® Best of Both® Mix is available to order now in 3.5kg sized bags. Email foodserviceteam@premierfoods.co.uk to receive your first bag for free.

Hovis and Best of Both are registered trademarks of Hovis Limited.

[1&2] Premier Foods research in conjunction with Cambridge Directions (Insights & Trends Guide 2016)
* One of the smallest parts of the wheat kernel (around 2-3%) is the wheatgerm that contains the secret of growth. It’s called the germ because it helps the plant to germinate. It’s the life bud of wheat that grows the wheat stalk.