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For over 90 years, Ambrosia products have been capturing the goodness of Devon. Founded in 1917, the Ambrosia brand has grown to become one of Britain’s best known and loved brands.

Ambrosia products are made using only high-quality ingredients, one being milk which is 100% farm assured and is delivered fresh every day to our Devon dairy. We care about what goes into all of our products, so Ambrosia custard contains no artificial colours, preservatives and only 100% natural flavours.

The unique, creamy taste of Ambrosia Devon Custard is as tasty on its own, as a snack or dessert, as it is poured over fruit or a traditional pudding, plus with its simple, dairy goodness, our Devon Custard is also a good source of calcium. In our 150g plain custard pots and in our 120g rice pots there is more than 70% milk!

Ambrosia products are ambient, long-life and perfect either hot or cold. Our rice contains just 4 simple ingredients – rice, milk, sugar & whey and the carbohydrate contained means it’s a great natural fuel! Ambrosia pots are gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and they’re Red tractor certified, guaranteeing that the product can be traced back to the farm it came from.