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When the McDougall brothers launched their ‘yeast substitute’ in 1864 and, later, a product called ‘self-raising’ flour, they revolutionised home baking.
But the innovations didn’t stop there! In 1972, the company created another new market with the UK’s first-ever baking mixes, for easy shortcrust and flaky pastry.

Today, McDougalls products are helping to make baking as convenient and as deliciously rewarding as possible. The versatility, reliability and taste of our products means the McDougalls brand is trusted by caterers from all sectors, from health and education to pubs and restaurants.

The brand contains a number of products:

  • Flour – available in Plain & Self Raising to suit all your baking needs
  • Batter Mix – authentic and light Fish & Yorkshire Pudding batters just by adding water.
    Add herbs & spices to make your batter even more special
  • Bread Mix – available in White, Wholemeal & Brown Bread and Roll Mix
    as well as Soft Bap and Pizza Base
  • Cake & Sponge Mixes – this range includes a number of products which are ‘just add water’ and available in Plain, Chocolate & Carrot which are free from hydrogenated fats, artificial colours & preservatives and contain 100% natural flavours to our more luxury range where you add oil & water to our Deluxe Sponge or oil, egg & water to our Multi-Use Muffin & Cake Mix range which is available in Plain or Chocolate. Our luxury range contains 100% natural flavours, no added MSG and no hydrogenated fats, artificial colours or preservatives
  • Short Crust Pastry Mix
  • Scone Mix – available in Standard, Savoury & Wholemeal
  • Suet & Crumble Mix – our suet is available in Standard or Vegetable
  • Snack Mixes – from Chocolate Fudge Cake to Fudge Brownie and Cookie,
    both Plain & Chocolate  to Flapjack
  • Jelly Crystals – available in both Standard and Vegetarian from Blackcurrant
    and Lemon to Orange and Raspberry