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Dysphagia Chocolate Log (Descriptor C)

Meal Type: Dessert
Preperation Time: 20 mins
Cooking Time:
Number of Portions: 10


  • 300g Prepared McDougalls Chocolate Sponge Mix
  • 500ml Full fat milk
  • 25g Cocoa powder
  • 25g Vegi gel
  • 200ml Ready to Serve Ambrosia Custard
  • 200ml Double cream


1. Place the McDougall’s chocolate cake into a food processor and blend to a fine crumb.
2. In a small pan place the milk, cocoa powder and cake crumb and gently bring to the boil.
3. Add the vegi gel and simmer for two minutes whisking to ensure all the ingredients are blended together.
4. Line a 25cm x 20cm tin with clingfilm and pour in the chocolate mix. Spread out roughly with a pallet knife, then mark with a fork to make the log bark markings. Place in a fridge to set.
5. To make the filling, whisk the Ambrosia with the double cream to form a thick creamy filling.
6. Once the chocolate log is set, lay out some parchment paper. Turn the log onto it so that the log markings are on the bottom. Spread the cream filling onto the chocolate log then roll as you would a traditional log.
7. Cut a diagonal wedge from the end and place at the side so it looks like a branch. Slice and serve. Always check again the descriptor checklist to ensure the food is safe.


Descriptor C - Thick puree checks must be observed before serving

• Holds its shape on a plate or when scooped
• Can be eaten with a fork because it does not drop through the prongs
• The prongs of a fork make a clear pattern on the surface
• It can be piped, layered or moulded
• Cannot be poured. Does not ‘spread out’ if spilled